Skateboarding documentary We Are Blood will follow its Aug. 13 world premiere at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles with a worldwide screening tour.

The film is directed by Ty Evans, and stars professional street skateboarder and Dew athlete Paul Rodriguez as he and other top skateboarders travel the world, pushing the limits of what's possible on a skateboard. The film, which takes viewers through Spain, Brazil, China and Dubai, explores the unconditional bond that's created by the sport.

"I've been skateboarding since the mid-'80s and it's always been this small niche sport that we all hold close to our heart," says Evans, who has been making skateboarding films for the past 20 years. "But skateboarding has evolved over the years and it's gotten so big now that the world is starting to take notice. To make a film and share it with the world on this tour is something really special."

The world premiere of the film, from Mountain Dew’s film studio Green Label Films and Brain Farm, will be held in conjunction with the start of the Dew Tour L.A. stop. The film will screen again at Ace Hotel on Saturday, Aug. 15. The screening tour will include stops in New York, Boston, Chicago, Austria,

Germany and Brazil.

"I think the film is going to help grow skateboarding as a whole and get more kids interested in skateboarding," Evans tells THR. "And people who don't skateboard may get a better grasp of what skateboarding really is."

Below is the list of stops on the We Are Blood screening tour.

Thursday, Aug. 20 – New York
Monday, Aug. 24 – Boston
Tuesday, Aug. 25 – Denver
Wednesday, Aug. 26 – Chicago
Friday, Aug. 28 – Amsterdam
Saturday, August 29 – Munich
Sunday, Aug. 30 – Vienna
Tuesday, Sept. 1 – Portland, Ore.
Wednesday, Sept. 2 – San Francisco
Thursday, Sept. 3 – San Diego
Friday, Sept. 4 – Houston
Saturday, Sept. 5 – Dallas
Thursday, Sept. 10 – Sao Paulo